how to earn money by reading book

 Today I will tell you about how you can make money from book after reading, you might be feeling strange that how can a person earn money by reading a book.  but it's true.  Today I will tell you many such ways with the help of which you can earn money.  And I will also explain by giving examples that how people are successful in this.

how to earn money by reading book easy method

Do you know the importance of books?  Have you ever wondered how books help us.  Yet we never understand its importance.  Once you must try to know the book's autobiography by taking the place of the book.

 how to earn money by reading book

 If you love to read books.  And you are fond of studying them, then you can adopt the following methods and earn money by creating a good audience, which are ways to earn money by reading books.

 1. Book summary on YouTube.  book summary on youtube

 Yes, you can make your own good YouTube channel.  And you can tell people by making videos of summary of new and good books on it.

 It is quite easy, after reading a book, everyone can finally prepare its summary in their own words.

 There is a lot of demand for it in the present time, on the other hand the competition in this field is also less.

 People know the importance of books.  They want to read books, but due to lack of time, they like to watch or listen to the summary.

 And if you think who comes to see the summary or who likes to see them, then take a look at this YouTube channel.

 2. Creating a Blog

 Another way is by creating a blog.  Do you know that millions of rupees can be earned even with the help of a blog.

 If you do not know what a blog is, then understand in simple words that the place where you are reading this article is also a blog.  which I have created.

 You can get complete information related to how to create a blog and how it works on the Internet.

 After creating a blog, you will have to publish the summary of books in it, which many people like to read.

 Inside the book summary, the good things about that book can explain its importance, the inspiration that comes from it.

 This blog provides summary of books and converts millions of visitors months into revenue.

 3. Creating an Instagram page

 Currently Instagram reels are running very loudly.  Where people spend their time all day long and smart and intelligent people are earning money.

 By creating an Instagram page, you can publish there by picking up good thoughts from books.  And people like it a lot too.

 With the help of Instagram reels, you can reach small things related to books to the people.  Once you get good followers, you can earn money in the following way.

 1. Book Promotion

 2. Book review by paid promotion

 3. Affiliate marketing

 4. Through promoting another Instagram page

 5. By writing and selling your own e-book

 4. Creating a Facebook Page

 Like Instagram, Facebook is also a good option.  Here too, short summary of books, motivational thoughts can create a good audience by telling the importance of books and can earn money like Instagram page.

 You can get complete information related to Instagram Facebook page with the help of Google.

 We hope that you must have understood how to earn money by reading books and liked these methods.

 If you want to ask us anything related to this article, then of course you can ask us by commenting, our team will try to help you.

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